4 Online Book Clubs To Get You Into A Reading Rhythm

29th May 2020

Books on a bedIf you’re a bit of an avid reader like me, then I’m sure you’ve been ploughing through the books during lockdown. But sometimes reading on your own isn’t that fun. I know when I finish a book that gives me all the feels I just want to ramble on about it to someone, which isn’t really fun for my boyfriend who probably couldn’t care less. I’m not sure if it comes from studying English, where all we did was disect books, but I just love talking about what I’ve recently read.

So with lockdown in full force, I’m limited to who can I talk to about my books. That is, until I started joining some online bookclubs. Yes, being part of 4 is maybe a little excessive, but it’s a great way to find some new books and chat with people just as obsessed as you. So here are my current favourite online bookclubs – whether you’re a massive reader, or just looking for a bit of inspiration to get you back into the reading game, hopefully you’ll find a club you like.

Beth’s Book Club

If you haven’t heard of Beth Sandland, then I really recommend following her lifestyle and travel instagram – she takes incredible photos! But she also started an online bookclub, which is brilliant. Now technically, you do need to pay to be officially part of this club, which isn’t something I’ve personally done. I just like to follow along with the books and her instagram as a great way of discovering something new. If you did want to pay to be a member, you can expect Q&A sessions with authors and an amazing community, so definitely one to consider.

Slow Sunday Club

Ah I just love everything about the Slow Sunday Club by Allie and Sophie. I started following them two years ago and the book club back then was the first online one I’d ever joined. They’ve recently just revamped it, and are back with Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore. What I love about this club is that it’s all newsletter and instagram based, which is nice to use a slightly different platform. It also embraces the idea of taking a nice easy Sunday curled up with your favourite book – which I can happily do every week. Team all that with giveaways and a community that shares each others work, it’s such a lovely one to join.

Shelf Love Book Club

This is a brand new book club by the lovely Alisha Ceit. I’ve also loved Alisha’s shelf love Sunday’s, hence where the name for her book club comes from, so I was so happy when she started this one up. We’re just about to talk about the first book, My Dark Vanessa, which has been a really eye-opening and intense read. Her next book is Daisy Jones & The Six, which I inhaled in about a day because I loved it so much. I’m excited to see where this book club goes and have the first discussion!

Zoella’s Book Club

Ok I know not everyone wants to support Zoe, but I honestly love this book club. Again it’s another great one to find new reads, and they often announce their books quite in advance so you have plenty of time to get your hands on them and work through them at your own pace. Perfect if you just want to set yourself 1 book a month to get through and enjoy. There’s also a good mix of YA and different genres, so it’s really good one to get you into reading if it’s not often your thing.

book piles

I’d also like to give a shout out to The Avid Readers Book Club – not one I’ve joined yet, but taking a look at it and it’s one I think I’d really love. Again another fairly new book club, but Emily advocates for female writers and independent book stores – so definitely a book club to get in on.

I’ve been loving a reading a lot more lately, and whilst I can easily find myself in a bit of a competition with myself to read the most talked about books and feel part of the ‘trend’ I’ve really just been trying to find my love of reading for the enjoyment of it again. It’s easy to just have reading be another think to tick off and say I accomplished X number of books this year, but I find being part of  book club allows me to slow down and really take in what I’m reading.

If you’re interested in some recommendations of what to read then have a look at my post about the books I loved reading last year.

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    These sound like they could be good reads.

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