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19th February 2020

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We booked a last minute trip to Slaley Hall.

One minute I was saying nope not really that fussed about Valentines Day, let’s just do cards, and then the next I was looking up cheap spa breaks near me.

Usually celebrating Valentines Day isn’t high up on our priority list. Sure we get each other a card, maybe go out for a meal and David gets me some flowers (okay maybe we do celebrate it a little…) but I don’t like making too much of a fuss. So for some reason this year, we both felt like we deserved a little spa break away. Cue me frantically trawling through google for days on end trying to find the best deal near me only a mere 2 days before Valentines Day.

Have no fear though – we lucked out on the 14th Feb and managed to find some availability at Slaley Hall. An adorable hotel and spa resort in Hexham – so only 40mins along the road. Whilst the deal maybe wasn’t the cheapest, it actually worked out well.

We paid £258 in total for a night’s stay, including breakfast, dinner and a 50 minute spa treatment each. Given how much the spa and dinner there cost on their own, I think we got a pretty decent deal.

The Spa Treatments

I’ll be honest at say upfront that the spa was a little too busy for my liking. Given that it was the Saturday following Valentines Day I can obviously understand why, but it was too much to really relax. We struggled to get a seat most of the time, and with quite a few kids playing in the pool, there wasn’t much space for swimming.

That said, I do think their spa facilities are lovely, and we managed a little seat in the hot tub and the sauna – my two favourite parts. I think on a quieter day it would be a really lovely setting. The spa treatments themselves though, are the real standout for me.

I choose to combine two 25 minute treatments, and so had a back massage followed by an Elemis express facial. This is genuinely my go to at the spa, because I love making the most of the treat. My spa therapist was absolutely lovely, and really struck the right balance of conversation and relaxation. My only complaint would be the room was a little chilly, but to be fair I didn’t actually ask her to raise the heat.

David opted for a full 50 minute back massage, which included an exfoliation and feet massage. Whilst he did enjoy it on the whole, I think he found it hard to relax. The pressure was too much on his shoulder and he has the most tickliest feet.

Butternut squash gnocchi

The Food

We opted to have a light snack at the bar after our time in the Spa, because our dinner wasn’t until 8.15. The pesto, humous, chips and tapenade were all delicious, but the main event was obviously our dinner.

As part of our package we were given £28 each to spend on food. Luckily they had a vegan menu which meant I was a little overwhelmed with choice. In the end I choose bread & humous to start (my fave ok), followed by the most insanely delicious sweet potato gnocchi followed by a chocolate brownie and orange sorbet. The wine menu even pointed out the best pairings for your meals, so I could easily choose a good vegan wine.

David went for the set menu which included beef arancini, steak and chips followed by treacle tart and ice cream. By the end of the meal we were both full to the brim. On the whole, the service was lovely with the waiter making us laugh quite a lot at the end by refusing our tip with a “no, it’s alright’. Not sure he really meant that. We did have to pay a little extra as the sauce for the steak wasn’t included, and I went slightly over my £28 limit. And of course the wine wasn’t included. But on the whole I think it was worth the buck.

Chocolate brownie with orange sorbet

I would definitely recommend Slaley Hall if you’re after a little trip away for a spa break and a nice meal. Whilst I wouldn’t say it’s the most incredible hotel we’ve ever stayed at, it was a really lovely venue. The interior of the halls and bars are gorgeous, and despite how big it is, the only time we felt overwhelmed by people was in the spa. Definitely a good spot to go if you’re local to the area.

If you’re after another spa break, I’d recommend giving my post about Seaham Hall a read. It’s 100% on my list to revisit soon.

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  1. I’m currently looking to have a little break with partner and thought I’d take a look to see what you thought of Slayley. I still haven’t visited Seaham Hall but that one’s definitely on my to visit list.

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