Mental Health and Wellbeing with Seaham Hall

25th October 2019

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I was kindly invited along to this event for free. All opinions and photos are my own.

World Mental Health Awareness Day

Something I’ve really tried to take control of this year and be more open about has been my mental health. I recently started CBT sessions and opened up to my family and friends a lot more about how I’d been feeling. A big deal, since I’m always a closed book.

Recently it was World Mental Health Awareness Day, and as a way of promoting good mental health Seaham Hall kindly invited me along to their event. An evening filled with tranquility, relaxation and good food.

Enhancing good mental health.

Upon arrival we were greeted with some lemon and ginger tea from the Tea Enthusiast. The minute we walked in the door I felt instantly relaxed. The atmosphere is so calming, which is exactly what you’d want from a spa. The tea was super delicious and perfect for boosting your health.

Next we moved onto dinner which was served in the gorgeous Ozone restaurant. We each had a delicious vegan platter, which was some of the most incredibly vegan food I’d had, especially the spring rolls. The restaurant was a lovely addition to the spa, and you had the option to dine in your spa robe or your regular clothes, which made it all the more inviting.

tea and clipboard

Following this was the highlight of the evening for me. I am a serious massage lover, and it’s something that David’s starting buying more regularly as a gift for me. We got to have a 30 minute Ishga in good hands taster massage. Designed to ease sufferers of depression and anxiety, the massage was one of the most relaxing experiences I’d ever had. Being from Scotland, I’d tried the Ishga products a few times and I knew how incredible they were and I certainly wasn’t disappointed on this occasion.

The final event for the evening was a group Ashtanga Yoga session led by Zoe from the Blooming Bamboo. I’m all for facing my fears, and I was pretty anxious, yet eager, to try this session as I’ve only ever done youtube videos of yoga. I was pleasantly surprised about calming and mindful the session was, albeit difficult in parts. I came away feeling totally at one with myself, and actually pretty excited to try more yoga sessions.

Once the itinerary was over, we had free reign of the spa facilities including saunas, steam rooms and outdoor pools, which we of course made full use of!


girl at pool

My takeaways.

Despite it being a pretty stressful event getting there, I came away totally calm and relaxed. I always find a spa experience really helps to reset your mentality and outlook on life. Coupled with delicious food and  yoga session, and you’re completely in the right mindset to keep your mental health boosted.

While it’s obviously not possible to do this every week, it really helped me to remember to take a breather every so often. You can find the time to take a step back and give yourself some well deserved self-care to promote your own good mental health.

I had such an amazing time and cannot thank Seaham Hall Hotel and Spa enough for inviting me along. I’m sure I’ll be visiting again soon!

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