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16th October 2019

The Armageddon Room at Escape Key

I was kindly gifted this experience in return for a review. All views are my own. 

On the look out for a fun night out with your mates that doesn’t involve being completely blotto? Or just looking for something a bit ‘different’ from your usual pizza punks catch up? Well, have you ever thought about an Escape Room?

I’ve heard a lot about escape rooms, from people going on stag/hen do’s to those who have just tried them out for fun. So when I was invited along to try one of the rooms at Escape Key in Newcastle, I knew it was about time I gave it a go.

The overall experience

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I’m pretty sure my mates thought I’d gone a bit insane when I said let’s try this out for my birthday celebration. But I was genuinely blown away by the experience.

Escape Key is right in the city centre on St Andrews St and offers three different rooms for a party up to 6 people. Whilst we only did the one room, each area of Escape Key that we got to see is cloaked in decorations of each of the rooms and things you might need to actually escape. So it was a totally immersive experience right from the beginning.

The amount of detail in all of the props, the steps you had to go through and just the overall event was incredible. This was the first ever escape room I’d done, but it’s really set the bar high for me. We went for the Armageddon room which puts you as the group of experts in charge of deterring an incoming asteroid that’s about to hit planet earth. So as you can imagine a bit of an intense environment.

The Armageddon Room

So I don’t want to give too much away about the room because if you decide to go, then it’s nice to have it as a complete surprise. But what I will say is that there are two rooms to the Armageddon experience. The first room is deceiving to the eye, and really test your skills and knowledge. My biggest advice is look at everything and speak to your teammates. Something might not look of value, but trust me it will play a part in the game!

Sadly we weren’t that brilliant, but luckily the host can give you prompts along the way which helps you to figure out a few steps. I’m not sure I have the best problem solving skills for an escape room, but it’s definitely fun working with your friends to try and solve the problem.

Would I recommend?

Even if you’re a pro escape room expert, or brand new to the experience, I’d totally recommend hitting up Escape Key for a fun night out with your friends or family. I found the Armaggedon so interesting with so much attention to detail across so many aspects of it. I’m eager to go back and try out the two other rooms.

My own slight issue, which is so minimal, was that I was pretty nervous about the experience. I thought it might actually be a little scary, or that there would be a real sense of urgency to getting out. Sadly there wasn’t much of that until the end where we realised how little time we had left. I still loved the experience and want to try more, but I think I was slightly let down by the side of things.

If you want to book an escape room, head over the Escape Key website for all the details. You can book group events and really make the most of the experience.

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  1. Melis Living says:

    Sounds great, I must get booked in to try it soon! Melis

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