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14th February 2019

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BoConcept Scotland.

Have you heard the big news? We finally bought our first flat!

It’s been a pretty terrifying, although exciting, journey this past month and I’m pretty overwhelmed by the fact we’re about to be full on adulting up in here. But we love the little flat we’ve bought and can’t wait to move in and put our own stamp on the place.

Obviously I’ve been trolling about a thousand different homeware sites looking for some cute new bits to decorate with. So I thought’s I’d share my top wishlist items.

Bar stools, BoConceptour new place has a built in bar table in the kitchen, so of course I was on the hunt for some cute bar stools. I love this one from BoConcept – it’s simple, but fits both mine & David’s taste. Trust me, finding something we both like is no easy task. I really like the vibe of BoConcept; everything it so scandi-chic and basically everything I’d ever want to own.

Hallway table, BoConcept – The new flat also has a pretty big hallway, which I’m not too sure how I want to dress it, but I think a cute little table like this one would be perfect. Picture some candles, leafy plants, and some little dishes to pop your keys in – I think it’ll be super pintrest, but also practical. This little fella also comes in a matt white finish, but I really like the slight vintage feel of the walnut veneer. Technically it’s classed as a desk, so would also make a great make up station with plenty storage!

Bookcase, Asda – I’ve been eyeing up this bookcase probably since about last summer. It’s only £35!! We’ve never had the space for it, so I’ve resisted, but now that we’re moving into a bigger place means I can get this little guy in my living room. Although, it’s currently sold out so I’m going to be stocking the Asda website like a hawk until they come back in. Of course, I plan to dress them with some cute books, leafy plants, and might even pop my record player on there.

Armchair, BoConcept – I mean who doesn’t want (need) a pink chair right? I’d love a velvet one, but David isn’t so keen on that so I think this gorgeous one from BoConcept is a good common ground number. Picture this with a super fluffy cushion and you’ve got the prime Instagram photo there!

Plant, Ikea – and of course to top it all off, plants! Recently we’ve acquired a bonsai tree and an orchid, but I really want to grow our plant collection. I’m super keen to have a nice big cheese plant, and a bunch of other leafy greens throughout the place. I love this one from Ikea, and think I might just pick him up. You can find me spending my sundays down the local garden centre…

This isn’t an extensive homeware wishlist of course, there’s lots of little bits and bobs we’ll need to collect along the way. But I hope this gives an idea of the big pieces I’m dreaming of purchasing. A huge thanks to BoConcepts for working with me on this post, and giving me some inspiration on how to decorate our new place. You can check out their gorgeous design pieces, as well as a book in a session with an interior designer, on their website, Facebook and Instagram. They have a stores dotted around that you should visit including furniture stores in Glasgow & a section in Fenwick Newcastle.

Let me know your dream homeware pieces, and any interior accounts you love to follow!


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