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6th November 2018

If you’re about the same age as me, or older, you’ll remember the days when Indie music was at its height. We all kicked around in the skinniest jeans we could find, a Fred Perry polo and huge hair. I miss those days. I loved discovering new bands that were small and playing all those random venues in your hometown.

I still listen to indie rock music almost everyday – it’s my favourite genre – but lately I’ve been finding it harder to discover new bands. Mainly because I’m working all week, so I never find the time to check out bands playing in my area, but also I’ve become lazy. I stick on Radio X when we’re in the car – the radio that seems to only know the same 5 songs from the same 5 bands (I still love you though Radio X) – or what’s worse, I just Apple Music.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple Music is great it it’s own right, but it is not the place for indie music, or discovering that genre. So I’ve turned my hand back to Spotify. And my god has it been the best.

They have hundreds of playlist so there’s a lot to chose from, but they even make a playlist for you so you can discover new music based on your taste.

I’ve started discovering lots of new music that I just wouldn’t have otherwise. It makes me happy to know that there’s still plenty of bands making the type of music I love, and keeping that 15 year old indie girl in me alive.

So with that, I thought I’d make a little playlist. Hopefully you can discover, or rediscover, some new music and give the little guys a chance. The indie era might be over but the music lives on – so dance your little heart out to these “proper tuuuuunes”.

*this post isn’t sponsored, I just bloody love Spotify.

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  1. Ali says:

    I love That Sound esp his unique tone.

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