What I Wish I’d Done at Uni

26th October 2018


University is made out to be the best time of your life, and for some it definitely is. I loved Uni, but there’s definitely some things I wish I’d made more of an effort with. I was scared to make a change, and to be honest that’s what I regret most. So I’ve made a little list to hopefully help those of you at uni to avoid making the same mistakes.

  1. If you hate your course – change it!

I did swap around my main degree a few times, but only with the subjects I was already studying. Did I want a degree in joint French with English, or joint French with History of Art? I chose English with History of Art, because to be honest I was shit at French.

I had the option to re-do my first year and study Spanish – something I was genuinely good at and really interested in. But the fear of being ‘that’ older girl, who’d already flunked her 1st year, terrified me. I didn’t want to be ‘behind’ the people I started uni with. Turns out a lot of people I knew re-did a year or two at uni – some even did their 3rd year 3 times before finally getting into their final year of honours.

So whatever course it is you want to do, or if you’re just not getting the grades you want, don’t be afraid to make those changes. Because in the end, it’s only going to help make your time at uni better.

2. Go on that year abroad

Obviously with studying French, my course included a year abroad, but when I dropped French I thought that was it. I thought I didn’t have the chance to go abroad, but eh hello this is what Erasmus is for! My biggest regret is not having that typical uni experience of going abroad and being totally lost and all “what the fuck is going on around me rn, but yolo I’m basically on a year long holiday – screw studying.” I’ve now never had the chance to take a few months of travelling, because I felt the pressures to jump straight into working – plus lol I’m poor.

I know costs of travelling are a huge issue, but if you can make it work then now’s the best time to do it!


3. Join those societies!

I was desperate to join the dance group, but for some reason there was also something else that came up – mainly, what I now realise, was my anxiety holding me back.

I made little friends at uni, with only a few I still speak to today. I never had that one close knit group so I wonder would I have met more people with similar interests if I’d only just gone to those societies. So basically, make the most of those groups. Find your people – be proud of whatever weird thing you’re into, because chances are there’s a society for it, filled with people just as weird as you.

4. Actually y’know, do some studying

Yeah you’d think the whole point of going to university was to actually do some studying, and you’d be right. But it’ so easy to get caught up in the social side of things, the endless netflix binges and your part-time job.

I did well at uni, and I’m proud of that, but I know I could have tried a lot harder if I’d just put the effort in. So what I’m saying is, sure have a lot of fun, but also give yourself some time to revise and ace those tests!

5. Swap halls

When I first moved into my halls, I loved it. The girls were lovely, we’d have parties with everyone on our floor. I got to meet and know so many people. It was great.

But sadly that didn’t last long. It soon turned out not all the girls were as nice as I thought. In fact one girl was so mean to me, that I hated being in the flat. I avoided her so much that I basically moved in with my boyfriend for a few months.

What I didn’t realise, was that I could have asked to move halls! Sure it would have been a bit odd moving in the middle of the year, but I honestly think it would have made things way better! So if you’re having problems with your Flatmate’s, just know there’s people you can talk to and there’s solutions to it. I just wish I’d known, or had the guts to speak up.

Never let someone ruin your uni experience!


So there you have. That’s my 5 regrets from uni. I hope they help anyone going through something similar, or even just let you know that it’s ok to go at your own pace. If you’re scared to do something, you’ll only regret not trying. If it doesn’t work out, then that’s ok, at least you can live happy in the knowledge that you gave it your best go!

Photos by the amazing Nikki Robson.

2 responses to “What I Wish I’d Done at Uni”

  1. Excellent tips! I definitely regret not living abroad while I had the chance too x

  2. Honestly, this is such good advice, I wish i has 1. changed halls and 2 changed course. I mean i loved uni but found there was too many distractions!

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