Let’s Catch Up

3rd September 2018

So it’s been a hot minute since I posted anything on this site. Basically I lost my love and interest for all things blogging and social media. But there’s been a few changes in my life and I’m ready to get back to this old thing.

Where to start? Well firstly I moved to Newcastle and started a new job! It was a big decision and it’s taken me a while to feel settled, but I’m finally starting to really love it here. The people I work with are amazing, and I’d pretty much consider them my new best friends. Whilst Newcastle was never on my radar as somewhere I wanted to live, it’s pleasantly surprised me. It’s got a real mix of everything here, and although maybe not as rustic as my little love Glasgow, Newcastle has a lot to offer. I’m really enjoying exploring the city on my weekends and finding new spots to love.

So things in my life are actually pretty good at the moment, and because of that I’ve decided to turn my hand back to blogging. To be honest I missed it. It had been taking it’s toll for a while. That feeling like you were always competing with others just wasn’t what I signed up for. Sure I’m probably the most competitive person you’ve met when we’re playing a game, but when it comes to my job and my hobby I’m just not interested in competing. I started this blog because I loved writing, because I wanted to share the things I was interested in and meet people who felt the same.

Yeah the blogging industry can be a brutal place at times, but blogging isn’t my job and to be honest I don’t think I want it to be. Sure I’d love to collaborate with some brands, but I want this to be my hobby. My side project. I work in marketing, and I love that, so it’s not something I want to give up. Plus marketing has taught me so much which I want to apply to my blog. I want to do creative things at work, but also for myself. And I don’t want that to feel like a chore.

So with all that rambling, here’s what’s new and what’s to come. As you might notice, my blog is looking a little different and that’s because of I’ve been working with the amazing Laura from One Cocktail at a Time. Laura & I were both bloggers in Aberdeen and then moved back to Glasgow, so we’ve got a lot in common. She is a brilliant graphic designer, having done some amazing work with Blog & Beyond and Vix Meldrew, so I knew she was the gal I wanted to help re-design my blog.

I let my blog go down. I didn’t renew my hosting and I lost a lot of my old posts. So it was time for a fresh start and I’m so excited to re-launch my site with a fresh new layout and design. I’ve got sections for music, food, Instagram and of course blog posts. I love the new look and I hope you do too.

Also recently, I’ve made some personal changes. I’m on the move to becoming fully vegan and shopping a lot more sustainably. These are both things I want to delve into a little more, so expect some posts to follow soon!

So that’s it really. I’m looking forward to a new wave of creativity. After all, autumn is always the perfect time for fresh start!


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